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Main Street and Shops

Description of Remains

Marshallís evocative description of Main Street will suffice for this section:

Let us imagine, therefore, that we have just entered the city by the North Gate and are looking down the long straight Main Street...Most of them [the buildings] are plastered and whitewashed, but not a few are clour-washed, or partly colour-washed in yellow, blues, reds and greens, as buildings may still be seen in many a modern city of the Near and Middle East. Down either side of the Main Street runs a row of shops. They are small, single-story structures of one or two rooms...the rows of these shops are not continuous. At short intervals their shadows are broken by streaks of sunlight from the narrow side-streets which cut from east to west in parallel lines across the city; and here and there, too, between the shops can be seen sacred temples and shrine overlooking the main thoroughfare. [3]


Marshall, Taxila, p. 140.