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Installation Instructions

You MUST have DirectX End-User Runtime Installed in order to run this game. Please click this link to install it!

1. Download and save the compressed (ZIP) file from this link (Windows2000 and later versions only). The file size is about 73Mb, so it may take a while to download it, be patient, as the journey in time starts…

2. Once the file is downloaded, locate it and right click it with your mouse. Choose ‘Extract files…’ from the menu and select the extraction path (for example: C:\Users\YourUsername\Desktop\VirtualSirkap). When the extraction process is finished, locate and double click the application file ‘VirtualSirkap.exe’ in the extracted folder (for example: C:\Users\YourUsername\Desktop\VirtualSirkap\VirtualSirkap.exe).

3. Select ‘Visit Sirkap Alone’ (Unfortunately, the multiuser version of the game is disabled at the moment.) and enjoy your journey!

4. Use the mouse to orient your avatar. Use the following keys to navigate the virtual world: W = move forward, S = move backward, A = move left, D = move right, and Spacebar = jump, in addition to the mouse left hand button, hit the ESC key to quit the game at anytime.

5. Enjoy the journey!